About us

We are coffee lovers, especially for espresso coffee. Like a lot of New Zealanders, we cannot do without a fix of strong, bold flavoured coffee, that gives you a real kick in the pants when you drink it. Selling espresso machines online was a natural progression for us.

Espresso Machines Support New Zealand Coffee Culture

New Zealand is a nation of coffee aficionados, not sure why visitors are surprised by our coffee but most certainly are and in a good way. We can serve espresso in so many delicious modes, and our cafe baristas are always experimenting with new ways to tempt us and they like us like the best of the best in espresso machines.

Us & Espresso Coffee Machines

We decided a long time ago that Kiwis deserved the best of the best in espresso machines, so we started to investigate the espresso machine brands available. Did our research, talked to the suppliers and consumers, and our online business was formed.

Keeping It Quality & Reasonable

We want to provide top quality names for our customers. While we may not be the cheapest online, what espresso machines you select will work with you to produce the best espresso coffee for many years to come. Another plus is that our espresso machines will also look very sleek and sophisticated on any granite bench. Our relationship is good with the espresso machine suppliers, and we are often first to offer their stock clearances and promotions. Sign up for our quarterly email to be the first to know of any special offers on espresso machines.

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